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Researching Waldorf Online

There's a lot of great information on Waldorf Education on the web, you just need to know where to look. You'll find numerous links to Waldorf resources on the web, as well as tips on how to make the most of them. Once you're familiar with these resources, you can find them quicker and easier on the Links page.

You might also want to visit OpenWaldorf's Academic Resources page.

Google Search the Rudolf Steiner Archive

You can use Google to search for any topic at the Rudolf Steiner Archive to see what Steiner says:

Search the Rudolf Steiner Archives

General Articles About Waldorf (also visit Waldorf News)

Waldorf Goes Against School Grain, Cincinatti Enquirer
The Waldorf Way, Teacher Magazine
Anthroposophy, Critics and Controversy, Uncle Taz
The Waldorf Method, The Washington Times
Schooling the Imagination, The Atlantic
Woodland Shop links with curriculum, North Carolina Herald Sun
At Plum Hill, Each Child is an Important Soul , Vineyard Gazette Online
Looping is key at magnet school, Contra Costa Times
Waldorfaire blends history and culture to build kids charachter, Honolulu Star Bulletin

Critics say Waldorf schools' unusual methods make them ineligible for public funding, San Francisco Examiner
The Spirit of Waldorf Education, Education Week (Registration Required)
Our Brush with Rudolf Steiner, Freethought Today
A Choice Experiment, LA Weekly
Gnomes and Critics at Waldorf School, National Post in Canada
Public schools teaching occult relgion?, WorldNetDaily

The Waldorf way, Boston Globe
Childhood in a Cocoon , San Jose Mercury News

Top Waldorf Links

Discussion Lists

The OpenWaldorf Forums

In the OpenWaldorf Forums, parents can research and discuss anything they'd like to about Waldorf Education. encourages open dialog, whether it's positive or negative, pro or con. The only guideline is be polite. All posters must register, but you may participate anonymously using a psuedonym at, if you so desire.

The Waldorf Education List

The Waldorf Education List, hosted by St. John's University is a FANTASTIC resource for day-to-day aspects of Waldorf education, as well as a tight-knit Waldorf community. The primary goal of this list is "to increase knowledge and understanding, and to explore the possibilities of this pedagogy. "

IMPORTANT: This is a Waldorf-positive list focused on Waldorf Education. Respect their focus and do NOT debate Waldorf with them. Also, this not a place to debate the finer points of Anthroposophy. Instead ask sincere questions relevant to Waldorf Education, and expect sincere answers. These are terrific people, as well as some of the most open and generous Waldorf parents I know. There are also several teachers in the list, and they are great at explaining the why's and how's of the classroom. These people are an invaluable resource, please treat them with respect!

Don't forget to mention you found them through!


Important! You must join the list in order to read and post. and ask your own questions. It's ok to be rigorous, just be polite. Remember, some topics are off-limits, so if you're not sure if something's ok to ask, make a friend, and ask them privately first. Please remember the ground rules above!

Search the archives first. You should always do this before you post a question to prevent redundancy. For example, searching for "television" will turn up a wealth of information on media restriction at Waldorf. As you read through past posts, you'll quickly recognize a few "superstars" who are very knowledgable and helpful.

The Yahoo! Groups Waldorf Homeschoolers List

The Waldorf Homeschoolers List is an active discussion group for Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers.

The Yahoo! Groups WE Homeschool [WE_HS]

"WE Homeschool [WE_HS] is a forum open to all. While the majority of our members are Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers, anyone with an interest in Waldorf Education and/or homeschooling may join.

We are an inclusive list and we represent a wide spectrum of faiths, life philosophies, and geographic locations."

The Yahoo! Groups Waldorf List

The Europe Yahoo! Waldorf List is a smaller list "for parents, teachers, ex-pupils and others interested in the work of Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy), with particular emphasis on Waldorf/Steiner schools."

Communities on Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

The Waldorf Critics List

The waldorf-critics List is probably the most "open" list on Waldorf Education in the sense that they are willing to discuss a broader range of subject matter related to Waldorf Education than the folks on the Waldorf Education List. This isn't censorship; the Waldorf Education List simply has a narrower focus, based on the mutual interests of the members.

So far I have found waldorf-critics the best place to discuss how Waldorf Education is related to Anthroposophy. However, because of its bias, it is not always the most helpful. In fairness to your own Waldorf community, you should always take what is said on this list with a grain of salt, and ask questions at your own school about topics that interest you.

You can read and search the waldorf-critics list. You can also subscribe and participate if you desire. Please keep in mind the respect that you would give the Waldorf Education list.


The Research Institute for Waldorf Education has a large collection of Waldorf journals including many free issues online.

"Gateways is the newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America and is the professional journal for those working with young children in Waldorf early childhood settings - kindergartens, play groups, home care programs, parent/child classes and child care centers. Gateways is published twice each year, in the fall and spring."

"The Waldorf Clearing House Newsletter was a subscription Newsletter written by and for Waldorf teachers. Over the years, contributions covering a wide range of topics and classroom experience appeared."

"The Research Bulletin is published by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education and has the following aims:
  • To serve as a newsletter announcing ongoing research and related activities
  • To carry brief but substantive discussions of fundamental research issues and questions
  • To describe research projects currently underway
  • To provide for the exchange of information and views within a growing body of readers "

"Education as an Art was the first widely circulated journal about Waldorf education in the United States. It began in 1940 as the Bulletin of the Rudolf Steiner School Association. The purpose of the journal was to inform Americans about Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy, support the Rudolf Steiner School of New York and to create interest in this education that might lead to other schools being opened."
Paideia is "a research journal for Waldorf education—published twice a year. Serious articles and papers on a wide range of educational issues—dialogue, didactic discourse and dissent."
Steiner Education (formerly Child and Man)
"A twice-yearly full colour, themed journal on Steiner Waldorf education."

The Southern Cross Review has "E-Review of fiction, education, science, current events, essays, book reviews, poetry and Anthroposophy."

Lilipoh, A Quarterly Guide to Health, Nutrition and the Environment in the 21st Century
Lilipoh is a unique quarterly wellness magazine dedicated to The Spirit in Life. Geared to a wide readership, we specialize in the anthroposophical approach to life as it is brought forth through health, homeopathy and naturopathic medicine, Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, nutrition, the arts, community life and more!"

Pre-made Google searches on Waldorf!

Here are some pre-made Google searches on Waldorf. Clicking on one of the links below is just like typing them into Google yourself! Just click on the link, and explore for yourself. ("" searches the Rudolf Steiner Archives)

Find out what Google has to say about...

Academics/Child Development

"early reading"
"Waldorf School" curriculum
"child development" "etheric body" Waldorf

Steiner Says:
"astral body" "etheric body" child
"modern science"


Waldorf Anthroposophy
Waldorf Anthroposophy site:
Waldorf Ahriman
akasha OR akashic

Steiner Says:
Waldorf Anthroposophy
akasha OR akashic

Art, Creativity, Eurythmy

Waldorf "art education"
elementary "art curriculum"

Steiner Says:

Rudolf Steiner

Biography "Rudolf Steiner"
Steiner "occult science"

Steiner says:

Health and Safety

vaccination Waldorf
treatments "anthroposophic medicine"

Waldorf and Christianity

Jesus clairvoyant OR clairvoyance
verse OR verses "waldorf school "
prayer "waldorf school"


eurythmy gestures
eurythmy benefits


"advent spiral"
advent spiral
spiral ritual
"Advent Spiral"


Waldorf racism
Waldorf diversity
skin colour
Anthroposophy negro
Anthroposophy raciscm
Anthroposophy diversity

Media Restriction

Waldorf television
Ahriman television waldorf OR steiner
television damage "young children"

Teacher Training

Waldorf "teacher training"
Waldorf "teacher training" "reading list"

Google Image Searches!

Clicking on these pre-made Google searches will return many helpful pictures and art to help you better understand Waldorf education. It is like an "image inventory" of Google's view of the Web with regards to a particular subject.


"Waldorf school"

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