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Waldorf Links

Google Image Searches!

Clicking on these pre-made Google searches will return many helpful pictures and art to help you better understand Waldorf education. It is like an "image inventory" of Google's view of the Web with regards to a particular subject.


"Waldorf school"


Also visit: Reading Room, Steiner Says, Research Tools, Pre-made Google Searches


Marin Waldorf School Curriculum
Online Waldorf Library
Rumors of Academics Differences
"Education in Tune with our Time"
Goetheanum's articles on education

Waldorf Curriculums
Marin Waldorf School
Samford Valley Steiner School's Curriculum

Child Development
Child Development Basics
"Why Should Children Learn How to Read at Approximately Age 7?"
"A Survey of Birth," (PDF version)
The Path to Birth, by Stanley Drake
Eternal Childhood, by Karl König
Your Reincarnating Child by Gilbert Childs
"Handwork and Intellectual Development"

Public Education
California Curriculum Frameworks
North Carolina Curriculum
Public school textbook errors

The Baldwin Project
Myths and Legends's Lesson Plans
ERIC/AE Full Text Library


Google: Waldorf Anthroposophy
Anthroposophical Society in America
Experience Between Death and Birth
Study Guide to Steiner Insights
Anthroposophy at Yahoo
Study Guide to Insights of Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophy - An Introduction
Anthropsophy, by Valdemar Setzer
Akashic Record Consultants
Anthroposophy, the Wisdom of Human Kind
Uncle Taz Anthroposophy Links

By Steiner:
Reincarnation and Karma

Google Searches:
Waldorf Anthroposophy site:

Articles on Waldorf

Waldorf Goes Against School Grain, Cincinatti Enquirer
The Waldorf Way, Teacher Magazine
Anthroposophy, Critics and Controversy, Uncle Taz
The Waldorf Method, The Washington Times
Schooling the Imagination, The Atlantic
Woodland Shop links with curriculum, North Carolina Herald Sun
At Plum Hill, Each Child is an Important Soul , Vineyard Gazette Online
Looping is key at magnet school, Contra Costa Times
Waldorfaire blends history and culture to build kids charachter, Honolulu Star Bulletin

Critics say Waldorf schools' unusual methods make them ineligible for public funding, San Francisco Examiner
The Spirit of Waldorf Education, Education Week (Registration Required)
Our Brush with Rudolf Steiner, Freethought Today
A Choice Experiment, LA Weekly
Gnomes and Critics at Waldorf School, National Post in Canada
Public schools teaching occult relgion?, WorldNetDaily

The Waldorf way, Boston Globe
Childhood in a Cocoon , San Jose Mercury News

Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophical Society in America
Anthroposophic Press
Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
Concious Choice
Goetheanum School of Spiritual Science
Introduction to Christianity as Mystical Fact
Mind Atlas
Orana School
Rudolf Steiner Archive
SkyLark Books
Steiner College

Book on Lemuria
Our Atlantean Ancestors

Definition of Gnomes

Steiner says: (Google)


Choosing a School - Find a School
The School Visit
Sample Graduating Class Profile
ERIC/AE Assessment Library
How to evaluate your child's school

Waldorf and Christianity

Is Waldorf Education Christian?
Bible and Anthroposophy
Waldorf Education is Non-Sectarian

Rudolf Steiner - Is He God's Prophet?
The Religious Basis of Waldorf Education

Waldorf Community

OpenWaldorf Forums
Click here for open discussion on Waldorf Education!

Waldorf lists
SJU Waldorf Education list
Waldorf Home Schoolers
Waldorf List
WE Homeschool [WE_HS]

Anthroposophy lists
Anthroposophy list
Steiner List at Yahoo!
Anthroposophy Tomorrow
Forums at the Rudolf Steiner Archive

Waldorf Critics


Waldorf Advent Spiral by Pam Fenner
advent - unitarian
Advent Spiral at Camelia Waldorf School
Sample Advent Verse
Complaint about Advent Spiral
Other Waldorf Christmas festivals
Spirals in the 4th century

General Resources

Assoc. of Waldorf Schools of N. America
Bob and Nancys Home Page
Millenial Child
Waldorf Reading Room

Waldorf Publications
gateways-Waldorf Early Childhood
Research Bulletin for Waldorf Education

Waldorf Critics (PLANS)

Media Restriction

Kill Your Television

American Association of Pediatrics
Eliminate TV for Kids Under 2
Impact of Media on Children
TV's Effect on the Brain
Children, Adolescents and TV
Television and the Family
What Parents Can Do About TV

Warning - "Ahrimanic forces"

Video Game Positive
Video games improve visual perception
Bad, but not all bad
Positive aspects of video games

Health and Safety

Artemisia: Anthroposophic Medicine

Tree Climbing
The higher they are, the harder they will fall
Fall Surfacing Guidelines
Rules of Tree Climbing
Climbing Rules
Safe Tree Climbing.
Dancing With Trees
New Tribe
Tree Climbers International
Helmet, Pully and safe-belay
How to choose a belay device
"Lofty Aspirations" - Smithsonian
Pictures of safe tree-climbing


Article on Jewish reverence

Art and Creativity

September 11, 2001: Images of Hope
Exhibit of 9/11 art by "mainstream" kids
"Color In The School"
Goethean and Newtonian color theory
Terra Rosa Charter School Gallery

Howard Gardner
The Arts and Human Development (FREE Online!)
Art, Mind, and Brain (FREE Online!)
Artful Scribbles

Art Curriculum Resources
National Standards for Art Education
Elementary Art Education
KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education: The ...
Bridgman Elementary Art Curriculum Guide

Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools
1 2 3 Draw Cartoon Faces: A Step-By-Step Guide (1 2 3 Draw)
Colour, by Rudolf Steiner

Color Black
"...not using black crayons."
"Don't use black crayons..."
"black is a dead color."

Wet-on-Wet Painting
Beginning with the Primal Colours of Yellow and Blue
A Creation Painting
Painting Ancient Mesopotamia
Waldorf Painting Technique

Special Needs

"ADHD, A Challenge of Our Time"

The Extra Lesson
Extra Lesson FAQ
Sleep, by Audrey McAllen


Youth Section
Religion or Philosophy?

Teacher Training

BACWTT Teacher Training Curriculum
U.S. Waldorf Teacher Training Groups
Balance in Teaching, Working, Living


Overview of Childhood Characteristics

Reading Room

Steiner Schools Fellowship Publications


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