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Steiner says:
"You will have to take over children for their education and instruction — children who will have received already (as you must remember) the education, or mis-education given them by their parents."
What else does Steiner say?
Who was Rudolf Steiner?

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Waldorf's curriculum is uniquely based on Rudolf Steiner's work. Learn how Waldorf's curriculum differs from the typical public school curriculum. Click here.

Anthroposophy, Waldorf's silent partner
Anthroposophy, the philosophy that inspired Waldorf education, is the most complex, the most influential, and the least understood aspect of Waldorf. Click here.

Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner was the founder and "guru" of Waldorf education. Because everything in Waldorf is based on Steiner's work, it's important to learn more about him.

Eurythmy is a form of body movement that resembles modern dance. All Waldorf students learn eurythmy, and it is an integral part of Waldorf education. What is Eurythmy teaching?

"Media Restriction" at Waldorf
Most Waldorf schools insist on limiting or prohibiting electronic media such as television, computers and video games. Why is this, and how serious are they?

The Waldorf Parents Survival Guide
There are so many ways to enrich your child's Waldorf education. Here are things you can do and resources you can buy that will enrich your child's early development.

The Waldorf Advent Spiral
Each winter, most Waldorf students around the world participate in a winter festival called "Advent Spiral.". What is it?

Parent Classroom Participation at Waldorf
There are many ways for parents to be involved in their child's education at Waldorf. But there are also times when parents are typically not welcome in the classroom. How does this work?

College Success
Will Waldorf prepare your child for a four year university? Perhaps, but there is no clear answer to this question. Here's how to evaluate for yourself.

Waldorf Teacher Training
Waldorf Teacher Training defines the educational basis for Waldorf education. What do Waldorf Teachers learn in the teacher training? What credentials are required? What background checks are made?

Criticism of Waldorf Education
There are some areas of controversy surrounding Waldorf eduation. It's important to hear what the critics have to say.

Playground Safety
Because Waldorf Schools are private, no one inspects their playgrounds for child safety. It's no big deal, because you can easily evaluate the playground yourself. Here's how.

Cameras at Waldorf
If you enjoy taking pictures of your child's special moments, Waldorf might not be a good fit for you..

Reading Room
One of the best ways to learn about Waldorf education is to read the core texts from Waldorf Teacher Training. Fortunately, many of them are online for FREE! What do Waldorf Teachers study?

Art and Creativity

Waldorf prides itself as an arts-based education. Waldorf's art curriculum is based on proscribed methods and philosophies. What is the Waldorf approach to art?

Your Child's Health
Just like all private schools, Waldorf schools are not bound by the same health regulations as public schools. What is the Waldorf approach to your child's health and medicine?

The Four Temperaments

Waldorf Parent's Master Checklist

An Open Letter to the Waldorf Movement
The Waldorf movement envisions a day when all children will receive a Waldorf education. Here's one opinion on what it will take to get there.

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"I discussed the importance of being flexible enough to consider what is said not only for, but also against, an issue to be able, as it were, to see both sides of a problem. Generally, people see only one side, but there is really no problem in life that should be treated this way. Pros and cons are never lacking. We would do well to acquire the habit of always adducing the pros as well as the cons in a case. Being what they are, human vanity and egoism usually favor what one wants to do. Therefore, it is also good to list the reasons against."

Rudolf Steiner, Overcoming Nervousness

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